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Many Lubbock drivers support cell phone ban


Cell phone addicts, your texting privileges behind the wheel are not gone yet, but City Council members did discuss the ban for the first time Thursday night.

Mayor Glen Robertson has called the issue "polarizing" - either you're strongly in support of a ban, or strongly against it. So KCBD set out to hear what Lubbock drivers had to say about a possible cell phone ban.  

"As far as texting goes, no. I'm 100 percent against it," Lee Reese said.

"I think it's a pretty good idea. I think accidents have been on the rise," Scott Salyer said.

Most Hub City drivers we talked to shared this sentiment - full support for a ban on cell phone use behind the wheel. However, we did find one woman who wasn't so welcoming of a possible ban.

"I wouldn't feel right because if I want to text someone, let me text," Betty Beavers said.

Beavers believes that this ordinance is an infringement of her rights.

"They need to stay out of my business, everyone's business. Let us be, we're supposed to do whatever we want in the USA," Beavers said.

Councilwoman Karen Gibson thinks that's a fair argument, but she's also concerned of the logistics of passing such a ban.

"Everyone wants to stop it. I want it stopped. But then you've got the problem, can it ever be enforced?" Gibson said.

Most of the people we talked to think it can be.

"I think it's simple to enforce. I think it's the same as seeing someone not wearing their seatbelt," Salyer said.

But Gibson says it's not that simple. She's open to looking into other solutions to stop cell phone use on the roads.

"There's gotta be something that will reach the majority and make them realize that when you're behind the wheel of a car, that should be your main focus," Gibson said.

Gibson says last night's council discussion was just the beginning of the process.

"I would like to see a lot more citizen input, I would like to see a whole lot more police input," Gibson said.

But it's obvious, from Lubbock citizens all the way up to the council, people recognize that cell phones are a problem on the roads. Only time will tell what the solution to will be.

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