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Plainview family claims police harassment, FBI investigates

Daniel Cansino said he was wrongfully tazed 5 times on his bare skin. Daniel Cansino said he was wrongfully tazed 5 times on his bare skin.

A Plainview Pediatrician has voluntarily relinquished his license after he admitted that he called a 16-year-old girl "pretty hot and tempting" during an office visit.  It is this initial incident that stirred issues between the teen's family and the Plainview Police Department.

The girl's family says the Plainview Police Department and City officials protected Dr. Stephen Turner and are still retaliating against them.  Police deny any actions of retaliation. 

It all began on June 17th, 2011, when a 16-year-old girl went to Dr. Stephen Turner because her stomach hurt. 

"He's checking her sitting on top of the doctor's table inside a physician's room," said Shannon Cansino, Jordan's mother.  "He's telling her about how good she looks, she's fit, her boyfriend's lucky, she's toned, she's so in shape; he kept telling her the whole entire time and she was there because her stomach hurt."

It was the next comment, which Dr. Turner admitted he said, in his written statement, "You are really looking pretty hot and tempting."

"I just stopped and my stomach just kind of tightened," said Jordan.  "No one has talked to me like that; especially an adult, especially his age."

Jordan said she walked out and began to cry as her sister followed her to the car. "I don't know how he could say something like that," she said.

Shannon immediately went to the nurse, Robert David Sigela. Sigela offered to bring out Dr. Turner so she could speak with him again.

"I said no, but I'm sure my husband would like to speak with him," said Shannon.

That is when Daniel Cansino, 32, came back Dr. Turner's office and got into an altercation with him. Cansino was arrested and bonded out the next day.

When the State Medical Board began to conduct its own investigation, Dr. Turner voluntarily surrendered his license. The sexual harassment between Dr. Turner and Jordan was not the first time the doctor was accused of crossing the line with a minor.

In 2003, Dr. Turner was indicted on felony charges of indecency with a child.  The case was dropped because "the prosecuting witness no longer wished to prosecute."

Surveillance video from the United in Plainview on December 23, 2011 shows Cansino get into an argument with Dr. Turner.

This was the first time in months the two were face-to-face. Plainview Police Sgt. Ernesto Amaya escorts Cansino out. However, when he is almost out the door, Sgt. Amaya grabs him, brings him back in the store and takes him to the ground.

Cansino was arrested and bonded out.

On April 3, 2011, at a Dollar General store in Plainview, Sgt. Amaya runs into the Cansinos on his way out with his 2 daughters.  In the police report, Sgt. Amaya said he "feared for his own safety and his families."

In the surveillance video, Sgt. Amaya's daughters leave the store, but Sgt. Amaya stays inside and waits for the Cansinos. The video shows the Cansinos exit the store and walks to their car.

According to the written statement of the cashier, Adrian Zapata, "the officer let the gentleman know that he would defend himself if he came any closer but the gentleman never made an attempt to or looked like at any time he would."

Yet after this, Cansino was arrested on retaliation charges with a bond of $250,000 and was held in jail for nearly a month. Charges against Cansino were dismissed October 24, 2012.

This past Wednesday, while driving from work, Cansino noticed Sgt. Amaya at a service station.

According to Plainview Police, Cansino threatened Sgt. Amaya's life. Cansino says this could not be possible, since his car window was up the entire time. 

Sgt. Amaya put his police lights on and Cansino did not pull over.

"I was sitting inside my job and I saw my husband's work truck drive up and the cops were behind him," said Shannon.  "He stepped out of his car and as soon as he stepped out of his car, Ernesto Amaya had a gun pointed in his face."

Plainview Police said they merely followed protocol and tazed Cansino until he was compliant.

Cansino said he was wrongfully tazed 5 times on his bare skin. NewsChannel 11 has formally requested the dash cam video from last week's arrest, as well as the tazer records. Those have yet to be turned over to us.

We called the Hale county District Attorney Wally Hatch for an on-camera interview.

He said he is "prohibited from discussing cases pending that are actively being investigated."

Plainview Police say this most recent incident will go to Grand Jury.

We also checked into Sgt. Amaya's background.

Plainview Police records show has been verbally reprimanded "several" times and has also received 5 written reprimands within the past 5 years.

Meanwhile, the Cansinos are now working with the FBI, as they believe Plainview law enforcement officials are retaliating against them.

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