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Two severely burned in oil field explosion near Denver City


Two men are in critical condition at UMC's Intensive Burn Unit after an oil field explosion Monday evening just outside of Denver City.

"I received a call that they had gotten into an accident; that something exploded where they were working," Marisela Rodriguez cried as she sat in UMC's waiting room.

She says her 47-year-old husband Pablo Rodriguez was working on an oil field battery, and as he was walking on the catwalk something caused an explosion. Rodriguez caught fire and the blast sent him flying off the catwalk.

His uncle, 67-year-old Pablo Garcia was working nearby and ran to help Rodriguez. Although Garcia was severely burned as well, he helped Rodriguez into the truck and tried to drive to the Denver City Hospital.

"He drove about four miles, but from there they gave up and couldn't do it anymore," Rodriguez's nephew Rolando Cuevas said. "They were in too much pain, and he pulled over to the side and dialed 911. They tracked them to where the phone was and found them."

The two men were then air lifted to UMC's burn unit where they continue to be in critical condition as of Tuesday evening. "It's hard, it's really hard," Marisela cried. "I just went back there and they're really bad."

Marisela says her husband's body is 88% covered in burns and doctors have only given him a 20% chance to live. If he pulls through she says he will have to undergo 15 to 20 surgeries.

Garcia's body is 55% covered in burns.

It's an emotionally draining wait for Marisela and her family but she says many people are giving their support and prayers.

Tomorrow morning Marisela is planning on opening a fund at Wellsfargo Bank under Pablo Rodriguez to help with the mounting medical expenses.

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