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Legalizing medical marijuana in Alabama

Legalizing medical marijuana is a hot topic right now in the Alabama legislature right now. The Alabama Medical Marijuana Coalition has asked those who would benefit from this legislation to come out and support their cause at the state capital.  

They're getting a response from both sides.

Supporter Terry Bradley said, "It's the least harmful, it's not as harmful as alcohol, it don't kill ya, you don't OD, all the pain prescriptions and all that you get hooked on, you just need more and more."

Jeanie Arnold who opposes legalized marijuana said, "There's been so much misinformation about marijuana. It's been called the safe drug, the one that doesn't kill, that nobody overdoses on. But I'm here to say, I'm going to tell a different story, marijuana does kill."

Marijuana is already legal in 17 states for medicinal purposes. Texas is another one of those states that does not allow marijuana even for medicinal purposes.

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