Navy veteran Bobby Cross, a Hometown Hero

Bobby Cross
Bobby Cross

As a young boy, Bobby Cross always dreamed of the life of a sailor.

"It was kind of a childhood fulfillment of mine. I loved the thought of the ships," Cross said.

Therefore, Cross wasted no time, signing up the United States Navy as soon as he could, at the peak of the Vietnam War.

"I figured I could do something to turn this around so I volunteered. I could have waited for the draft, but that was taking too long," Cross said.

Cross was stationed on aircraft carriers that shuttled solider's and supplies to war zones.

"People always thank me for my service and my only response is, it was an honor," Cross said.

Cross says his seven years serving his country prepared him for the hardships that would lie ahead.

"I look back on my life to this point and think I was in training and being groomed for what I do today," Cross said.

From the death of his first child\ to losing everything he owned in a hurricane, Cross has endured the lowest of low points, moving around and eventually finding himself on the streets of Lubbock.

"Work was hard to find and I eventually found myself homeless," Cross said.

One day, a counselor at Cross' home church told him about a place called Tent City.

"He made a phone call and they said they had a couple of tents available. He brought me down here and I got the last tent that was left," Cross said.

Something as simple as a canvas roof over his head was all cross needed to get back on his feet.

"In a sense, Tent City kind of saved my life," Cross said.

While he was a resident at Tent City, Cross got to know Link Ministries president, Frank Morrison. Someone he now calls his mentor.

"The most valuable thing you can do for another person is to point out their values. And that's what Frank did for me," Cross said.

However, Cross doesn't call Tent City home anymore. Instead, he has an apartment of his own thanks to a V.A. program.

"I know that I'm going to be taken care of. My faith in God is strong enough that he's going to supply me with whatever I need," Cross said.

The most striking part of Cross' story is his consistent desire to serve others, regardless of his situation.

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