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Storm Leaves Lubbock Homeowners with a Mess

What is now just a stump in the Hager family's front yard, was once a beautiful Mulberry tree that towered high above their house. Sometime in the wee hours of the morning during Tuesday night's storm, winds tore through the 4800 block of 54th, tearing the tree in half.

Tree removal expert, Sam Foncham, fired up his trusty saw Wednesday to remove what remained of the severely weather-beaten tree. It stood in the Hager family front yard for 18 years. Foncham says, "This is going to take a whole day to clean up, this is a big tree!" Foncham worried the thousands of pounds of tree left standing could also blow over and damage the Hager house, so the whole thing had to go.

Meanwhile, at the Short household, the bad combo of wind and tree filled their Datchsund pup, Shiner, with intrigue and gave his owner a headache. Bruce Short explains, "All of a sudden, I hear a tremendous bang and crash and the lights went out. I got up, grabbed my flashlight and looked out and the tree next door had split and fallen over into my yard."

That tree knocked down power, cable and phone lines running to the short household forcing Bruce to take the day off work, but he wasn't alone. Dale Stephens, an LP&L operations supervisor says, "We had 126 calls from 11:30 or 11:40 on, and we got all those worked at 6:15 this morning and then another storm came through and started a little after 7:00. We got about 17 calls on that."

What was a long night for LP&L was also a long night for Lubbock police. Officers put on their rain gear to direct traffic after lights went out at 19th and the Brownfield Highway.

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