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Debate heats up in Lubbock over drug testing for welfare


A proposed Texas bill has caused a hot debate in the Hub city. Texas Governor Rick Perry and Lt. Governor David Dewhurst are pushing to require mandatory drug testing in order to receive welfare or unemployment benefits.

On Wednesday Lubbock's State Representative Charles Perry backed up the Governors proposed bill. "To me it makes sense to go down that road. If that's one way to turn someone off of drugs so that kids have a chance to be in a drug free environment then I'm all for it and supportive of it," Perry said.

Perry says it will cost more to administer the drug tests but it's better in the long run if it can provide safer lifestyles for children living in homes where drugs are used.

However many strongly disagree. In one day nearly 200 people commented on KCBD's Facebook page to give their opinion on the proposed measure. Several sited the same reasons as to why they're against it. Many said it will cost the taxpayers more money and cause more harm than good.

Others like Cassandra say it will hurt the children, not benefit them like Perry says. "Instances of child neglect will increase because some parents who are drug users will not stop for the benefit of their children," she wrote on Facebook.

Other states like Florida have tried to pass laws like this, however recently a Federal court halted the mandatory testing.

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