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The Glass Wizard: Does It Work?

Clean glass easier, faster, and better, without streaking. No need to use cleaning chemicals with the wizard. The Glass Wizard costs $20, but Does It Work?

The package comes with two micro-fiber cleaning cloths. All you use is water to clean your glass surfaces. To get started, you put a cloth bonnet on your wizard. Then you just lightly mist the water on the mirror, using the provided spray bottle. Be careful not to wet the surface too much.

Next, take the Glass Wizard and apply pressure. Go back and forth. Remember the magic is no streaking and I was looking for the evidence. I could not find any.

Moving to a glass door with smudgy fingerprints. I squirted some water on it and rubbed back and forth. Again, I didn't not see any evidence of streaking.

For the final portion of this test, we'll be using the Glass Wizard outside. This time, I have to use the "Mesh Bug Buster Bonnet" on a dirty bug-gut splattered windshield. It's important your windshield is out of direct sunlight for this portion of the test.

I scrubbed the bug guts off no problem. Then rinsed it off with a hose. I let the windshield dry for a moment and attacked it with the micro-fiber cloth. This portion of the test took many steps in order to clean the windshield. Again, I couldn't see any streaks.

All right, I think this is a product for indoors, however, it did work on the windshield. I think it will do a better job on mirrors and glass inside your house. But other than that, I think the Glass Wizard works!

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