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Consider This...No drug test, no handout

Governor Perry is pushing a bill that would require welfare and unemployment applicants to take a drug test before getting any money.  

Proponents obviously say it could save lots of tax dollars and reduce the chances that jobless Americans will use tax money to buy illegal drugs.

Opponents of such a law say it hasn't saved any tax dollars in other states, is unconstitutional and penalizes innocent children.

Consider this:

I for one am all for it. No drug test, no benefits.

First, if you're a drug addict your kids aren't getting the benefits of the government help anyway.

Second, saving money isn't the point of this law. The point is to stop people from cheating the system. Stop them from getting our money to buy illegal drugs.  

Third, the government already denies unemployment to people who are fired for drugs, AND many employers require pre-employment drug screening. Why not do it all on the front end and keep the drug users out of the workplace and bring the qualified workers to the front of the line?

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