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Food For Thought: 11.15

Health inspectors popped in on 25 Lubbock restaurants this week to see who's keeping clean and who needs to clean up.

Two stops were repeat top performers, but a new sports grill and bar that wanted to explode onto the scene - fizzled out on their first health inspection.

TNT Sports Grill & Bar just opened at 906 50th Street.

But they had a few difficulties and were cited with eight critical violations.

* Hot potatoes were quite hot enough. They were thrown out.

* Chicken wings weren't being cooked at a hot enough temperature.

* Raw beef was stored over ready to eat food. An employee handled raw beef and then a seasoning container without washing their hands.

* Chicken and mashed potatoes did not have an expiration date.

* Air freshener was stored with dishes.

* A sanitizing solution wasn't strong enough.

* Multiple plates, bowls, utensils and other dishware were dirty.

* And finally, the inspector indicated that due to the number and nature of violations the manager did not demonstrate food safety knowledge.

According to the report, all violations were corrected at the time of the inspection.

Management did not return our calls.


Now to the top of the list.


Our first stop is a repeat top performer.

From chicken stuffed jalapeno, to homemade beef stroganoff and even pad Thai - this place serves up flavorful perfection.

Ronnie's at 5206 82nd St is a multiple repeat top performer.


And finally we head to another unique stop that's been at the top before.

If you're looking for some yummy comfort food - look no further.

Chili Dog Café at 5903 82nd piles on the perfection.

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