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33 children adopted in group ceremony Friday


Thirty-three children on the South Plains found new homes Friday afternoon. They were adopted at the Lubbock County Courthouse in front of a packed courtroom of family and friends.

The theme was delivered by a cartoon owl saying, "Whooooo will find a forever home..."

The kids began the afternoon by collecting owls with their names on them. Hundreds of owls were attached to a wall showing every child in Lubbock who still needed a home.

The families gathered inside the courtroom and went before the judge one by one to officially adopt their children. Parents answered questions and gripped the hands of their sons and daughters.

Lydia Rodriguez and Maurilio Garcia adopted two boys, Christian and Zachary. Both children were grandchildren to Lydia and Maurilio before things with their parents took a turn for the worse. The young boys were taken by Child Protective Services and Lydia and Maurilio stepped in to make sure they wouldn't have to go into foster care.

"We're very excited. It's a long time coming," Rodriguez said. "It's the best feeling in the world, knowing that they're going to stay with us and they're in a safe place."

Their new sons were not shy, eager to tell us all about the new bears they had adopted. The family was headed off for pizza after they spoke to us, a favorite of Zachary and Christian.

Christie Haggard adopted two girls Friday afternoon and was excited to finally have them as part of her family.

"My sister had them as foster kids several years ago and then they kind of were in and out of homes. We found out they were back in care and we had to get them. They make our 4th and 5th daughters," Haggard said.

The two girls she and her husband adopted are the third adoptions they have made, but it took a while for her husband to come around.

"He was like, this is never going to happen, and just through prayer I think his heart was softened. I think it kind of opened the flood gates so now anything goes these days. We'll just take all the kids we can get," Haggard said.

Haggard says her new daughters as girly girls that can be shy and is glad to have a token blonde in the family.

Most important, she is happy her new kids have a forever home.

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