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Consider This... Secession not the solution

You may have heard about or even signed an online petition supporting the secession of Texas from the union.

To date, more than a 120,00 Texans have signed it. And, considering what's going on in Washington right now, you can't really blame them.

However, many things complicate this idea.

Consider this:

A few reasons why I disagree with secession. First, it is not a legal option. Texas gave that up after the Civil War.

Second, the only other time Texas seceded from the union was with a handful of other southern states over slavery. The result was the bloodiest war in American History and we waged it against each other.

Third, secession is not addressed in the constitution. The most important document to every state in the union.  

And finally, whether we like it or not, our energy, defense, transportation, employment, and economy as a whole are tied too closely to the federal government to survive secession in this day and age.

So, although I share the same frustration with the federal government as today's "secessionist," it simply isn't the solution.

The greatness of America is based on the power of its states, and I don't think anything should change that.

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'Consider This' is a commentary by KCBD Vice-President and General Manager Dan Jackson.

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