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After vandalism, Ronald McDonald families give thanks

Henry Gomez , Rick's Tire Warehouse Henry Gomez , Rick's Tire Warehouse

Two local businesses came to the rescue of families staying at the Ronald McDonald House this morning after their tires were slashed. A family was leaving to visit their child in the NICU at 8 a.m. this morning when they discovered someone had cut their tires along with the tires on six other cars.

The Ronald McDonald House called Bolton's asking if they could do anything to help the families. Bolton's then made a call to Rick's Tire Warehouse and they agreed that they would replace all of the slashed tires for free.

"We're feeling very blessed, and sad for the person who felt like he or she needed to do this," said Jamye Horn. The Ronald McDonald House provides a home away from home for the parents of children who are critically ill, and Horn is staying there because one of her twin grandsons is getting out of the NICU. She was shocked when she first realized her tires had been cut.

"Well, we were like oh my gosh. First we saw one, then we saw the rest of them and we thought, what are we going to do? But we were taken care of."

Horn said in the grand scheme of things this was only a minor hiccup, which was the same reaction that all the families had, according to Ronald McDonald House Director of Administration Janice Flemmons.

"Even in the midst of all of this, I was feeling so bad about it. They were encouraging me, saying, 'We're just so thankful for the Ronald McDonald House for a place to stay. This is a minor detail, something that we can overcome,'" she said.

If Bolton's and Rick's Tire Warehouse had not been willing to help, the families staying at the Ronald McDonald House would have had to pay for it out of their own pocket because it was not covered by insurance. 

"When they found out what the community and these companies had done, they had tears and they were just hugging them and thanking them so much. I hope that everybody sees what these people have done," said Flemmons.

Henry Gomez works for Rick's Tire Warehouse and is the one responsible for fixing all of the tires.

"It's always good to help somebody out in their time of need. It warms my heart to help anybody, anytime," he said.

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