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Food safety concerns when cooking Thanksgiving turkey

If you have food safety concerns, don't forget about the USDA's turkey hotline. We'll have that number for you in a moment, if you want to grab a pencil.  

But first, this is a popular question those operators get every year. If you're cooking two turkeys in one oven, do you need to double the cooking time?  The USDA says no. Just go by the time it takes to cook the smallest one, and the larger one should be done soon after.  Also, a lot of turkeys come with pop-up timers now to tell you when it's done.  If you're on your own tomorrow to figure that out, USDA's Diane Van, says the best way to use a meat thermometer to be sure your turkey is safe to eat at 165 degrees is to "check it in the thigh down between the leg and the breast in that deep crevice. Check it in the wing joint and in the thickest part of the breast."

Also, don't forget the two hour rule, which is how long your turkey is safe on the table before it needs to be refrigerated. That goes for leftovers too. Now, here's that turkey hotline number if you come up with your own questions before the big meal tomorrow. The turkey hotline number is 1-888-674-6854.

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