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"Canyon West": A New Experience for Lubbock

You're probably familiar with the ever popular South Plains Mall and Kingsgate Shopping Center...two retail hot spots for the Hub City. But have you heard about Canyon West?

Billboards, found off the Brownfield Highway, across from Legacy Play Village, describe retail, entertainment and residential developments to come.

"We'd had requests to go to Lubbock, secure a site and create a dominant retail campus. So after we looked at the growth trends and the growth generators like the freeway system, the school district arrangement and where the true growth trends were all factors pointed to this area as a centerpiece for the next 15 years in Lubbock," said Charles Hodges, President of Hodges Development Service in Dallas.

Hodges says they are still developing the master plan, but their leg-work has already begun.

"I have visited with Charles Hodges from Dallas about the potential for development on this portion of property. He has shown me several drawings that are relevant to the proposal that he has on the property. He has not submitted anything officially with regards to zoning or planning to the City of Lubbock," said City of Lubbock Senior Planner Randy Henson.

City of Lubbock Senior Planner Randy Henson says most of the area is zoned for industrial, so for the residential portion of the plan, changes would have to be made.

"The property is a triangle created by the non existent Milwaukee and two railroad tracks and it's been remote from development for awhile. With the new East-West Freeway and the new hopefully soon to be developed Milwaukee this property will have a lot of street frontage," said Henson.

Hodges won't elaborate on the specifics of what's to come, but he says Canyon West will be comparable to some of his other projects in San Antonio, Austin and Frisco...complete with shopping, entertainment and possibly some loft style living.

"We're trying to create a campus that isn't just selling of lots on the front of the street but one that has life both daytime and night time with a lot of inviting pedestrian atmosphere," said Hodges.

"It will be an excellent thing for Lubbock," said Henson.

There is no official date of completion on the Canyon West project yet, but developers say it will be a multi-phase project that will take a few years to complete.

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