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Computer Screens Could Cause Eye Trouble

If your eyes get red and tired or you get headaches at work, researchers are finding the cause could be Computer Vision Syndrome or CVS, partly because the eyes don't see a computer screen the same way they see print on paper.

"A computer screen, as you know, is made up of little pixels, so this is not regular print anymore, and so when the eye goes to try to focus on that, it becomes stressed and strained, and sometimes it will focus behind the screen and sometimes in front of the screen, but it will have difficulty locking onto the individual letters," says Phillip Smith, optometrist.

That's why some optometrists are putting aside the standard eye chart and using a computer eye exam to test those who spend a lot of time in front of that screen. The new Prio eye chart uses a simulated computer screen instead of printed cards to check your vision.

For more information on the Prio eye exam, you can ( click here ).

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