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Waterproof Casts Available

If you're planning a water vacation, but someone in the family is recovering fom a broken bone, you might be interested in something new. From the outside, it looks like any ordinary fiberglass cast, but it's what's inside that makes it so unique.

This cast is waterproof because it uses a new Goretex wrap material that was developed from raincoat technology.

"It wicks moisture away from the skin, and then it dries reasonably quickly so that we don't wind up with skin breakdown," says Dr. William DeLong, orthopedic surgeon.

"Without this cast, the vacation wouldn't have been quite the same. I wouldn't have been on the beach, in the water. I couldn't watch the kids, like, you know, playing and jumping in the waves and stuff like that, so it really did make a difference because I didn't think twice about getting it wet in the pool or the jacuzzi or the ocean. It was just pretty nice," says Peter Thomas, has waterproof cast.

And Peter says this cast doesn't even itch or smell like some ordinary cast linings do! However, Dr. DeLong says the downside is the cost because a roll of Goretex cast tape costs about 10 times as much as a roll of the synthetic material normally used.

The waterproof material is recommended for arms, wrists, and hands, but not for leg breaks. So, next time someone in your family ends up needing a cast, you might ask the doctor about a Goretex waterproof cast if they're going to be around a lot of water.

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