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Synthetic marijuana concerns on Council agenda


Seizures, hallucinations and elevated heart rates, just a few on the long list of side effects associated with synthetic marijuana. That's why Gina Johnson is asking Lubbock City Council members to ban the legal pot substitute at Thursday's meeting.

"It's bought over the counter and kids are thinking, it's legal, it's got to be safe and it's nowhere near safe. I'm not suggesting we regulate it. I'm suggesting we get rid of it," Johnson said.

However, her passion doesn't come from just anywhere. Johnson's son is a user himself, starting the drug so he could stop smoking marijuana.

"He was looking forward to life again and it was quickly taken from him. The only thing that mattered was his next packet. It didn't matter how he got it," Johnson said.

Johnson says, the side effects that come along with the pot substitute are shocking.

"When he is sound asleep and jumps up screaming because he's hallucinating that there are bugs all over him and he's been vomiting for 36 hours straight," Johnson said.

The state legislature knows how dangerous the drug is and that's why they banned 140 of it's components back in 2011. However, it didn't take long to resurface.

"Unfortunately because of the creativity in the market, they changed a little component and they put them back on the market," Johnson said.

Representative Charles Perry has been working to get a more comprehensive ban in place, statewide.

"It's just time to put this to bed. There's enough bad stuff out there that we shouldn't allow this to continue," Johnson said.

And although Johnson agrees the issue should be taken up on a higher level, she says she just wants to do her part, so that other mother's won't have to their children like she's seen her son.

"I'm one person, one mom. I can't go to the White House and bang on the door. Somebody's got to do something and I'm somebody."

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