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Summer Crimes are Wreaking Havoc in Southwest Lubbock

Lisa Stane parked her SUV in her drive-way just like she normally does Monday night. "I went out to the car Tuesday evening about 7 p.m. to run some errands and my window on the rear passenger driverside was broken out," said Lisa.

Lisa says it had to be kids riding around shooting some kind of pellet or BB gun. "It costs us $200 to have it repaired," said Lisa.

Lubbock police says this kind of criminal mischief is a common crime all year long. Zip Auto Glass Manager Harold Ellis says recently though, he's seen more of it happening in Lubbock. Especially in Southwest Lubbock neighborhoods. "We had 10 phone calls at 9 a.m. but at noon we had 12 of them fixed," said Ellis.

Ellis recognizes that all the repairs he made were from glass that was broken by a BB. One truck Ellis repaired was hit more than just one time. "But we went to him and the people actually drove by and shot it three times and actually hit the sheet metal on the brand new truck," said Ellis.

Lisa Stane filed a report with the police. An investigator tell us it is really hard to catch these kind of criminals. That's why it's best to get your neighbor's involved and help police catch these criminals in the act.

You can report criminal mischief to Lubbock Police by calling (806) 775-2816.

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