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Shooting Victim's Father Speaks Out

A suspect in a shooting Thursday in East Lubbock remains behind bars tonight. 30-year-old Terrance Rhone was arraigned this morning at the Lubbock County Jail after turning himself in to police Thursday evening.

Rhone was wanted for a shooting that happened Thursday around midnight at a car wash in the 1600 block of East Broadway. Lubbock Police say Rhone approached 29-year-old Larry Isaac Junior, then allegedly shot Isaac once in the back of the head.

NewsChannel 11 spoke to the victim's father, Larry Isaac Senior as he continues to fight for his life. "I wouldn't wish this upon any parent: mother or father because it's a tragedy and it hurts," he says with tears in his eyes.

Larry Isaac Senior copes with his son's shooting while trying to understand the reason why the person he calls his best friend was shot by someone he knew. "The guy was supposed to have been a friend of his, they went to high school together, the guy used to come over to my mother's house where Larry was staying," explains Isaac.

Isaac's father tells us that his son and Rhone's history goes back to their high school days at Estacado and for an unexplained reason more than a decade later, their friendship took a turn for the worst. "One night I guess two or three weeks ago they did get into an argument from what I understand something happened 10-12 years ago," he says.

Then weeks later, according to police, Isaac was talking with friends when he was confronted by Terrance Rhone. "That night they said he just came from behind out of no where. Larry didn't see him and just you know, put the gun to his head and shot him," explains the victim's father.

Isaac Senior says he's relieved that after evading arrest, Rhone is now in custody, but he won't feel consoled until he sees justice. "I will never be satisfied that he ruined my son's life so whatever punishment he receives, I'll deal with that then," he says.

With so many unanswered questions over what conspired early Thursday morning between the two men, Isaac Senior waits for the day that he can speak with Rhone. "You not only ruined his life but you've ruined your life too from something I consider very senseless," he mutters in words he would use to confront Rhone.

He says there's still a 50-50 chance that his son won't live, making it a long road to recovery. "I have my moments where I think about what happened and I break down and cry but I just keep praying that things are going to work out all right for him and my family," he says.

Isaac's father tells us that doctors won't know the extent of his damage for as long as three weeks.

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