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Woman speaks out about witnessing friend's violent murder


It's a day that will haunt her forever. Playing out like a horrible nightmare, Jennifer Keen says she witnessed her best friend being murdered by another friend.

On Wednesday police were called out to Keen's home where they found a trail of blood going down the block. They found 35-year-old Joshua Bulls standing over David Martinez, 32, who had multiple stab wounds in his neck.  Martinez died at the hospital, and just hours later police were called to second homicide scene where 32-year-old Jodi Winn was found dead in her mobile home.

Keen says the four of them – Joshua, Dave, Jodi and herself- were all friends and that there is no doubt in her mind that Joshua also killed Jodi.

On Friday Keen opened up for the first time to tell the story of how Dave, her best friend, was murdered.  She says recently Joshua had been acting weird, so much that she had to call police once before because he had been stalking her.

"He would just show up off and on, and I'd always be too scared just to tell him to leave," Jennifer said. Then on Wednesday Joshua showed up once again.  Jennifer says Dave was at her house spending time with her two year old son Tylor as he often did after the child's father died. She says he was like a father figure to him.

She says when Joshua showed up he was acting even more strange than the days before, and without warning he took out a knife and stabbed Dave in the neck. ""He laughed at me. He just laughed and then took off running toward my son's bedroom door," Jennifer said. "Dave made it a point to slam my front door to draw attention away from me and my son. I was watching him after he ran out of my house after Dave. Josh was zig-zagging down the street and running in circles laughing like it was some sort of joke."

She says Joshua caught up to Dave and continued to stab him in the neck until police arrived and arrested him. While police swarmed Jennifer's home, she frantically tried calling their mutual friend Jodi to tell her what had happened… but could never get a hold of her.

"I got a hold of some friends and told them to tell Jodi I was mad at her because she wouldn't answer her door, and that she was a really low friend for not being there when she needed to be," Jennifer cried. "When they got there they found her dead. I immediately called the detectives to tell them these were linked."

At this time Joshua is only being charged with Dave's murder and not for Jodi's, but Jennifer says there is no doubt in her mind he killed her too.

"I'm telling you Josh Bulls did kill Jodi. I know he killed Jodi. I have that in my heart and in my soul that man did it," she cried.

Jennifer says Joshua had often stayed at Jodi's home at the Fort Jackson Mobile Home park, but when he recently started to act strange that even Jodi became afraid of him. "She was terrified of him. It got to the point she was afraid to open the door for him," Jennifer said.

Even though Joshua is behind bars, Jennifer is so scared that he will bond out that she left town and refuses to go home. "I'm 100% sure he will come after me, and if he gets out he will find me and he will finish what he came to do," she said visibly shaking.

Jennifer says the only reason she is alive today is because of Dave. "Dave is a wonderful man…" she said sobbing. "He's a hero. He is a hero who saved my life and my child's life."

Funeral services for Dave will be on Monday. Jodi's family has also set up a fund at West Tex Federal Credit Union under Jodi Winn Memorial Fund to help pay for her funeral expenses and to help her two sons.

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