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Record Seizures Bring Drug Problem to Light in Lubbock

DPS troopers across the state seized more than $150 million worth of illegal drugs in 2003. That's up 15% from the year before. Cocaine, marijuana, and methamphetamine seizures all went up across the state. Here in Lubbock, all three are problems, but it's meth that's keeping local troopers busy.

"From when methamphetamines started coming back around, it has grown even more so since two years ago," said Corporal John Gonzalez with the DPS.

Across the state in 2003, DPS troopers seized a record 145 pounds of methamphetamines. Here in Lubbock, law enforcement saw its share of meth busts. The drug is cheap and easy to make and that's creating a problem.

"The uprising of meth labs and rolling meth labs are very common and a lot of troopers are catching a lot of this material inside the vehicle, everything from scales to syringes to little baggies they have as containers for the drugs themselves," said Gonzalez.

Increased demand for meth means more dealers are moving the drug on our roadways and getting busted during routine traffic stops.

"We just encourage the public to be aware our troops are out there and continue to enforce those criminal laws of drug trafficking/paraphernalia that we get on a daily basis or weekly basis or monthly basis, and it's a growing problem all over," said Gonzalez.

DPS Troopers can only hope to contain the drug and keep it from reaching young people.

"How do we do prevention? That's from education and hopefully get the message out to our community, parents, and second to the students, and what these drugs can do to them," added Gonzalez.

Corporal Gonzalez tells NewsChannel 11 that meth in its purest form can be just as deadly as cocaine or heroin, so it's important for parents and friends to look for symptoms in their loved ones.

Symptoms include:

  • irritability or nervousness
  • convulsions
  • paranoia
  • hallucinations
  • delusions of insects under the skin
  • repetitive behavior
  • violent or aggressive behavior
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