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Local Soldier Returns Home

A local solider returned home on Sunday after serving for eight months in Baghdad.

"It's very hard. We've always been close. We worked together all our lives. We've never been apart," says Jeremiah Heath, brother of a local soldier.

That was until eight months ago when Christopher Heath was sent to Baghdad, leaving his twin Jeremiah behind for the first time in their lives.

"He called when Saddam was captured. He called after his first firefight, and he was pretty shaken up," says Jeremiah.

But even when things were bad overseas, Jeremiah always felt that special connection with his brother.

"There's that bond that regardless of the news or what you see on TV, you can shut your eyes and think deep down inside and know that he's okay. Sometimes, I find myself doing that to ease the pain," says Jeremiah.

And the road has not always been easy for the Heath family. During a combat mission in Baghdad, Chris tore his ACL forcing him to be flown to Germany for reconstructive surgery. A reason why Christopher is coming home on Sunday.

For Christopher, coming home was a feeling that's hard to describe.

"Shocked, overwhelmed, surreal, all that put together, just happy to be here at home," says Christopher Heath, local soldier.

A month after surgery, Christopher says doctors are optimistic.

"It's a little painful, but it's doing real well. The doctor says I should make a 100% recovery," Christopher says.

But for now, there are a couple of things on his agenda while in Lubbock.

"I've been talking about having a steak. That's all I really want is to have some decent food and spend time with my family," he says.

Christopher has a few weeks to get some rest and relaxtion before he has to report to Germany on August 1st.

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