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Popular drug becomes more beneficial when taken longer

Now, new research reveals a certain drug could be more beneficial if it's taken for twice as long. This comes from the 'Atlas' study after following nearly 7,000 breast cancer patients from 36 countries. All had completed the standard five years of Tamoxifen treatment.   Only half continued for an additional five years. Researchers found the five year group had a third less return of cancer, while that risk was cut in half among those who took the drug for 10 years.

Dr. Sandra Swain said, "It has huge worldwide public health implications because the price of Tamoxifen is very low and the efficacy is extremely high."

Some women want to stop the drug because of possible side effects...mostly hot flashes. This study suggests if you can hold on and take Tamoxifen for 10 years, the benefits may outweigh the side effects.

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