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Food For Thought: 12.6

A rodent infestation forces a Lubbock convenience store to shut its doors, and tonight they remain closed as they clean up following their latest health inspection.

They are just one of our two low performers in this week's Food for Thought.

KCBD NewsChannel 11's Christy Hartin dishes out the violations.

This report begins at Raider Mart at 2906 4th.

As you can see from the sign on the door - this convenience store is closed and has been for more than a week.

Last Wednesday the Lubbock Health department stopped by for a surprise inspection - and what they found was enough to immediately pull the store's food permit and force the establishment to shut down.

So how bad were the violations?

Let's take a look.

* Inspectors found two dead mice on a glue board and rodent droppings throughout the facility.

* Gnats and fruit flies were coming from bags of rotten produce.

* Onions were rotten and molded. And ready to eat snack had holes in the packaging.

* An opened gallon of milk did not have a date mark.

* Chicken was thawing in a three-compartment sink next to dirty dishes. Insulation on the inside of the ice machine was exposed and was hanging over the ice.

* The inside of the microwave, a rice cooker and utensils were all dirty.

* Cooked chicken was not at least 135 degrees.

* Hydrogen peroxide was on top of a reach-in cooler.

* Employees entered the kitchen and did not wash their hands before handling food.

* Inspectors note, that because of the number and the nature of the violations the manager did not have proper food handling and safety knowledge.

No one was at the store when we stopped by for a comment, but a note on the door says they'll reopen tomorrow.

The health department gave Raider Mart very specific instructions to follow before they can reopen.

They say all surfaces must be cleared, cleaned, sanitized and air dried before being used.

Equipment throughout the entire facility must be pulled away from the wall, cleaned and sanitized.

Once they're in compliance their food permit will be reissued.

And finally TX Land & Cattle at 7202 Indiana had nine critical violations.

* Cold food were not 41 degrees or below.

* The cooler was not working properly.

* Desserts were stored under boxes of raw meats in the meat walk-in cooler.

* Lids were in a hand sink

* and there were no paper towels.

* Toxic items were not labeled or were .

* There was no thermometer in a reach-in cooler.

* Dishes and containers were dirty or broken throughout the kitchen.

* According to the reporter the manager did not show knowledge of proper food handling.

The report shows the violations were corrected during the inspection.

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