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HealthWise at 5 From 7.12

  • Obese Parent

If mom or dad are very overweight, does that mean their children are destined for obesity too. A new study of 150 children found 64% of kids with overweight parents were already overweight themselves by age nine. That's compared to just 16% of kids who were overweight at that age even though they had normal weight parents. Researchers say the findings send up a flag to parents about the role we play in helping our kids learn healthy eating habits.

For what it's worth, the study also found that overweight kids on the average got less sleep every night than the kids with normal weight. The study is in the July issue of Pediatrics.

  • Blood Thinner Check

Patients requiring frequent blood tests to check blood thinning medication may one day have a less demanding alternative. Researchers at Drexel University have developed a device that uses ultrasonic waves to test the stickiness of blood with just a single drop. Typically, patients have blood draws done several times a day to ensure the dose of blood thinner is working correctly. A prototype device will be developed by next year. If it is approved by the FDA, it could allow patients to do a single test at home once or twice a week.

  • Kids Safety Gap

How safe are your kids when you're not with them? A survey at the University of Michigan Health System surprised a lot of parents. Researchers found that half the kids wore bike helmets even though 70% of their parents were sure they wore that head protection. They also found a similar gap in car habits. 92% of the parents were sure their kids buckled up, but just 70% of the kids reported that they strapped themselves in consistently.

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