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No tears for Tuberville as Red Raider fans say goodbye


Texas Tech fans were shocked to hear about Tuberville's resignation on Saturday, but for most, that surprise came with a sense of relief.

Dustin Kramer won't be shedding any tears over the announcement. He says he's happy to see Coach Tuberville go.

"I think it was good for the team. I didn't really like his style of playing. We're more of a pass team than run the ball," Kramer said.

Other fans were surprised, but gave the coach some credit for improving the team.

"I was shocked - a little unexpected. But he did a lot for our defense, so that's good," Blake Terry said.

"I was kind of shocked considering he hasn't been here very long. But I mean I liked him, but it will be good to have someone new," Rebecca Koffman said.

Despite Tuberville's contribution to the defense this year, many fans told us that just didn't cut it.

"He wasn't doing it for us. We needed someone that was more dedicated," TTU Junior Jeremy Phillips said.

Most fans did not consider Cincinnati a step up.

"How bad is our football program that he has to go to Cincinnati?" Sophomore Drake Haney said.

"Sounds like a downgrade, really. Given that he came from the SEC," Kramer said.

But at least one fan on Team Tuberville was sad to see him go.

"I feel like even if you have a better financial deal, Texas Tech is a great place to be, so it's kind of disappointing. He chose the wrong choice," Andrea Garcia said.

Although it's highly unlikely, many fans were hoping to see Mike Leach return to fill Coach Tuberville's shoes.

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