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Poll Shows Neugebauer has Slight Lead Over Stenholm

Four months to go and the ads are already running constantly. "I'm Randy Neugebauer." Neugebauer courting Senator Hutchison, Stenholm courting his wife. "And I'm still in love..."

A civil, yet ever escalating effort to gain voter favor. "We would like to announce the arrival of Vice President Dick Cheney." Monday afternoon the Neugebauer campaign announced the upcoming visit of Vice-President Cheney. A whirlwind, one-hour, meet and greet with the VP.

"This past weekend Lubbock had a fiesta of its own hosted by Charlie Stenholm," said a NewsChannel 11 anchor. Stenholm pressed the flesh himself at a campaign sponsored fiesta.

How's it all panning out? Very closely. In a Neugebauer poll of 500 registered voters; 49% Republican, 29% Democrat, and 19% independent, both Stenholm and Neugebauer scored 51% when it came to favorable name recognition. But when asked if the election for congress were held today (June 28-29) Neugebauer scored 8 points higher.

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