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Icy roads to blame for deadly accident on Hwy 114


56-year old Ortensia Perez was driving east bound on HWY 114 around 9:30 Monday morning when she hit a patch of ice. Perez lost control and rolled her van and was pronounced dead at the scene. Perez's daughter was also in the vehicle, but she was taken to UMC with minor injuries and later released.

Lubbock saw over thirty accidents on Monday alone and although most walked away unharmed, Perez wasn't so lucky. The Sundown resident was driving 70 MPH when she hit the ice and in conditions like that are a recipe for disaster.

Sgt. Bryan Witt with DPS says slick ice on the road is sometimes impossible to spot.

"It's not always clear that there's ice on the highways. Know that there can be some black ice on the highway that you may not see. You have to slow down," Witt said.

Other than slowing down, Witt says there are a few more things you can do to ensure a safe trip.

"Give yourself a little bit of extra time to get where you're going. Don't try to make up the time of the highway," Witt said.

When you're driving, remember to leave plenty of room to stop. There should be at least three times more space than usual between you and the car in front of you. Also, if you do hit ice, always brake gently if your brakes do start to lock up. Cruise control and overdrive are not recommended for icy road driving.

Finally, although it may be obvious, always buckle up and make the road in front of you you're only priority.

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