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President's Prescription: Jingle Bells

The holidays are in full swing and with it come the traditions of decorating the tree and wrapping the presents. But be aware of how holiday cheer could bring harm to your children.

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission more than 6,000 people are treated for injuries related to holiday decorations and Christmas trees. Christmas trees, lights and decorations are all a wonderful part of celebrating the holidays. Parents and grandparents need to remember a few tips to keep their children safe.

  • When there are young babies or toddlers in the home, do not place ornaments on the lower part of the tree that they can grab. This should especially be true for ornaments that have small pieces they can pull apart and can potentially choke on.
  • Beware of the falling Christmas tree.  Children may pull the branches causing the tree to tip potentially falling on them.
  • The holiday lights also serve as a hazard. Make sure the lights are screwed in tightly and that there are not any missing lights where a child may potentially put their finger in and get a small electrical shock.
  • Make sure when you are wrapping your presents and putting them under the tree that you don't use small decorations or strings that a child could potentially rip off and choke on. 
  • Never leave children unattended around lit candles. It only takes a second for children to injure themselves causing serious burns, not to mention possibly damaging your home.

Every minute children go to the emergency room with injuries that could have been prevented. This year as you are checking off your list, make sure to add keeping the family safe. Have a happy and healthy holiday. For the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, I'm Dr. Tedd Mitchell and this is the President's Prescription.


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