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Texas Tech board of regents delighted with Kingsbury hire

Texas Tech University Chancellor Kent Hance Texas Tech University Chancellor Kent Hance

After Tommy Tuberville's surprising resignation as head coach and immediate hire at the University of Cincinnati, the search began for a new head coach and the board of regents feels they have found the perfect man for the job.

"I was very excited, and the fan base throughout the state - throughout the nation - was excited and thrilled to death to have Kliff Kingsbury back at Texas Tech," said Texas Tech University Chancellor Kent Hance.

Chancellor Hance has known Kingsbury since he was born. His Uncle worked for Hance as chief of staff in the state senate back in the 1970s.

"I like to have a coach that's not looking around and not looking to move somewhere else. This is where he wants to be and he is so thrilled to be back at Texas Tech and I think the fans are excited to have him back," said Hance. "He's a competitor at everything he does. He gets up early, he works hard, he takes care of details. No matter what profession he was going into, you knew as a high school kid that this kid was going to be successful. Out of 480 in his graduating class he was number 4."

Hance said that when the opening came up on Saturday, Athletic Director Kirby Hocutt began the search immediately, flying to interview potential candidates on Tuesday. When he came back he had identified Kingsbury as the man he wanted and gave his recommendation to Texas Tech's Interim President Dr. Lawrence Schovanec. Once it received Schovanec's approval, he gave the recommendation to Chancellor Hance who presented it to the Board of Regents.

"We flew to Austin and Kliff drove over to Austin from College Station. We visited with him and had a great visit and my mind was made up before I got there because I knew what the team could be like and we offered him the job. And he said yes as fast you can possibly say yes," said Hance.

Texas Tech University Regent and close friend of Kingsbury John Steinmetz was one of the most vocal supporters of Kliff when the coaching search began.

"I think he has proven everywhere he has been he wins. Texas Tech is getting a leader, one that has a proven track record and a natural winner," said Steinmetz.

He and Kingsbury had a conversation during the coaching search which Steinmetz wouldn't disclose to us, but he did say, "I've known Kliff for a long time and he hasn't wanted many things like he wanted this job."

He believes Tech is in very good hands with Kingsbury at the helm.

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