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Lubbock man charged with Sexual Assault of children

A Lubbock man is being charged with Aggravated Sexual Assault of a Child after two children told investigators he did numerous inappropriate things to them. 38-year old Brian Melcher was caring for the five and seven year old while their mother was in prison. Melcher was dating the children's mother.

The arrest warrant shows us the conversation investigators had with the two children who are brother and sister. The five-year old boy tells police that Melcher "did bad stuff to us". Things that include making the children watch pornographic movies and numerous incidents of domestic violence.

However, it wasn't until investigators interviewed his seven year old sister that the situations got incredibly graphic. The child told police "Brian is a bad person", a person that made her eat dog food and locked her brother out of the house. She goes onto describe numerous occasions where Melcher touched her inappropriately over and over. The seven year old said the abuse started even before her mother went to jail.

Melcher has a lengthy criminal past, with charges including Organized Crime and Abandonment of a Child. His family says that he does have a history, but they don't believe he's capable of this. In a statement his sister released to KCBD, she says.

"These false allegations are nothing more than concocted wild fantasies. The divorced parents of these children have provided an inadequate upbringing in their young lives, and most likely are using them as pawns against one another. There have been no interviews done to extract the truth from credible witnesses."

The report was made on August 14th, but police say in situations like this it takes time to compile all the evidence. Melcher is charged with Aggravated Sexual Assault of a child, but at this time he has not been arrested. The children are with their biological father.

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