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Heightened security at LISD schools


In light of the recent tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School, all LISD schools fully implemented controlled access systems Monday.  

"We're putting buzzers at the front doors so should there be a need to even shut down and lock the front door, parents can still get access to the building through a buzzer," LISD superintendent Dr. Karen Garza said.

The implementation of the controlled access systems began a couple of months ago and training for principals on the system started about two weeks ago.  

Their original plan was to fully implement the system on January 14th to allow for more time for training and communication with parents. However, with regards to the shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, they fully implemented the system this morning.

"With the current circumstances, and because it's all out there and we could turn it on, we just felt like we needed to go ahead and turn it on," Dr. Garza said.

In addition, all LISD schools will have all doors locked during the school day with the exception of the front door.

Currently, the front door is open to the public during the school hours.  Dr. Garza said they do have the capability to lock down the front door if there is a need to do so in the future.

"Down the road, we'll determine whether not we need to lock down more as we move into the 2013 year," she said.

Custodians have also been instructed to no longer prop doors open as they clean and take out trash.

Principal at Bayless Elementary Lisa Davis says all teachers are to keep their classroom doors locked throughout the day as well. In addition, they are not allowing parents to take things to their children during school hours.

"All parents are to leave forgotten items in the office," Davis said. "No taking it to them anymore." Davis said this is to eliminate as many people in the hallways as possible.  

Plus, all exterior doors will be checked frequently throughout the day to ensure that they are secured. 

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