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Re igniting the Discussion on Gun Control

In response to the Newtown Connecticut School Shooting the discussion of gun control has been re ignited. Sales over this past weekend have skyrocketed in fear that 2013 legislation on gun control may change. Recently police have released information confirming that in both Aurora, Colorado Movie Theatre shooting, and the Newtown, Connecticut Massacres  each shooter was carrying a high capacity gun magazines or also known as clips allowing for more ammunition to be fired without reloading. KCBD News Channel 11 visited a local gun shop here in Lubbock to see if it is normal or necessary for the average gun user to by such a magazine. How would they be affected if legislation reintroduced the prohibition of high capacity magazines that existed under the federal assault weapons ban from 1994-2004? The democratic law makers have received high marks from the NRA for their past voting records, however this past Monday they were newly open to gun law change proposals. The question to be asked now is, "how aggressive are democrats or republicans push for new fire arm restrictions.

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