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Too much milk could lead to other problems

Parents often tell their kids "drink your milk, it's good for you!"  But how much is enough or too much? A study in the journal "Pediatrics" says after two cups of milk, parents need to say that's it for today. Now, have some juice or water.

So what could happen if your youngster is drinking several glasses of milk every day?

Dr. Jonathon Maguire said, "The more milk children drink, the higher the vitamin D stores, yet the lower the iron stores."

Dr. Maguire says with low levels of iron, you might notice a child getting pale and napping more often. The reason, according to the journal, is too much milk in young children tends to block the absorption of iron, which could leave them anemic. Low iron can lead to behavior problems and difficulties in school. Of course, kids and teens need milk because it provides vital calcium and other essential nutrients for strong bones. The study says two cups a day is enough to get the good stuff, and leave iron levels alone.

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