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Is it a myth that cold weather can make you sick?

It sure didn't seem like winter today with raging winds and a red sky.  But winter is still in the forecast, and if you catch a cold when it gets really cold, doctors say you can't blame the winter weather. Cold weather translates to more time indoors, and more people cooped up inside, which makes it easier to spread germs.

But Dr. George Martin, an Immunologist, says sudden climate changes can aggravate what ails you. "When you have a high pressure system and then a low pressure system comes in a lot of people do complain about worsening of their migraines, worsening of their asthma symptoms and surely a lot of people have worse arthritic symptoms."

Also, Dr. Martin says studies have shown that low humidity in the winter helps the flu virus survive longer, which making it easier to spread.  So, we can't blame a cold on the cold weather, but Dr. Martin says we can help prevent colds with frequent hand washing.  No matter what the temperature is outside.

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