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Lubbock lawyer brings medieval weapon to Pawn Stars


You may recognize Davis Smith from his television ads, but this week, the Lubbock attorney was on the airwaves for a different reason. Smith has collected Medieval weapons for over twenty years now and his collection caught the eye of a Pawn Stars producer.

"I've gotten a lot of strange phone calls as a lawyer but that's got to be in the top five strange phone calls. I sent him a picture of it and he called me right back and asked me to be on the show," Smith said.

So Smith headed out to Las Vegas with a 60 pound, 15th century Bavarian crossbow and it instantly wowed Rick, Old Man and the rest of the Pawn Stars cast.

"I was really scared when I put it down on the counter because I thought it would crash through. It's heavy," Smith said.

At first, they tried to convince Smith to let them test out the ancient weapon.

"There was talk about firing the cross bow and Chumley was going to do it and I thought that was a really bad idea," Smith said.

Smith told us the shoot went from seven in the morning till about noon and during that time they brought in a weapon's expert.

"What he said on the show was accurate, he evaluated my item and I was impressed," Smith said.

The guys offered Smith $7,500 for the piece of history, but he wasn't about to give it up without a fight.

"There was a time that they cut the camera and said man, you're really good at this and I said, well I'm a personal injury lawyer, I negotiate for a living," Smith said.

Smith ended up leaving the offer on the table with the Pawn Stars, expecting at least $9,500.

"I've had the crossbow for quite some time, so I think I'll keep it," Smith said.

However he admits, the guys made the experience well worth the trip.

"I really liked the old man, I showed up at 7 am and he was the first one to come talk to me. And even though Rick has a thousand irons in the fire, he came up to me and said, Hey Lubbock, Texas, and I said ya! So in a way I was there representing Lubbock," Smith said.

Smith added that the shop was open to the public the entire time they were shooting. He estimates about 1,000 people came in during that time. Show producer's are interested in having him back in the future to possibly sell other pieces of his collection.

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