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82nd Street Receives Facelift

Soon all major intersections on 82nd street have two turning lanes instead of just one in all four directions. City traffic engineers say this will help the increasing traffic in South Lubbock travel more quickly and easily.

As Lubbock growth moves south, the traffic moves with it. "82nd street is one of the busiest streets in town," says Lubbock Traffic Engineer Jere Hart.

With increasing traffic, the city is trying to make commutes less painful. Three major intersections on 82nd street are receiving a facelift. Intersections at University, Indiana, and Quaker. "This will improve the flow of traffic substantially at all three intersections where we're putting in the dual left turns," says Hart.

Crews are narrowing lanes to allow room for an extra turning lane. They say this method is more cost effective. "What we're doing is we're saving a considerable amount of money by going through and basically making each lane a little bit narrower so we can get in that double left turn with in the same physical area without having to widen the roadway," says Hart.

So now traffic will move more quickly, but Hart adds the new roadways will last longer. "One of the advantages of that is it helps preserve the pavement and helps potholes from coming up so it's a very cost effective means of extending the life of pavement all over town."

Cameras have also been placed above each traffic light to monitor traffic. "Instead of cutting loops in the pavement you can do it with cameras now they're not to pick up what people are doing. It basically just tells us there are cars in the left turn lane location," says Hart.

Road crews will begin working on the intersection at 82nd and Quaker next week. Traffic will be reduced to one lane while work is going on so allow yourself extra time to get though construction areas. There will also be loose gravel in these areas so slow down to avoid damage to your or someone else's car.

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