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Food For Thought: 12.20

There was plenty of good news to report this week - as several restaurants offered up perfection with perfect scores, but two restaurants didn't make the grade. One was storing milk in a warm cooler, the other had rotten produce.


The first low performer on our list is Mcdonald's at 102 North University. They aren't loving their score this week.


They dished out six critical violations.

*a reach in cooler with milk inside, wasn't being kept cold enough.

*inspectors saw an employee changing their gloves without washing their hands.

*an employee was also seen handling a soiled cloth, and then seen handling ground beef patties.

*thermometers were missing from the reach in cooler under the prep area.

*a soiled tube was being used at the orange juice machine.

All items were corrected at the time of the inspection.


7-eleven at 3802 34th street didn't do well either.


They served up seven critical violations.

*the hand sink had a brown, foreign object inside the drain, along with heavy soiling and staining.

*a brown grocery bag was tied up with no label and stored in a cabinet at the coffee prep table; a visibly rotten apple was stored in a basket with other produce for sale; and two containers of cream cheese inside the retail cooler were no good - one was open, the other had a dry, crusty spill on the carton.

*broken eggs were inside a carton and stored for sale.

*no paper towels were at the hand sink.

*candy bars were being stored between motor oil and diesel exhaust fuel in the storage area; and salt was stored on the floor with a hole in it.

*shelves were rusted inside the walk in cooler; the coffee area prep table was dusty; and the compartment sink was heavily soiled and rusted.

*inspectors say the manager didn't demonstrate the proper knowledge.

All of the issues were corrected at the time of the inspection, or within 24 hours.


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