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Food for Thought Report 7.15

There are two top performing restaurants to report, plus the blue light must have been shining on a top performing discount store. Our first top performer is the Super K-mart at 6201 University. K-mart's deli, meat counter, and grocery all had zero critical violations at the time of their last inspection.

Food for Thought 7.15
Here is a complete list of the restaurants and their violations for the week ending on 7/15/04.

Our next top performer is known for quality steak at a reasonable price. Bryan's Steakhouse at 1212 50th Street has been a Lubbock fixture for 37 years. They also had zero critical violations.

Long John Silver's at 1101 50th wraps up our list of tops. Long John Silver's is one of America's largest quick service seafood chains and their hard work showed during their last inspection, no critical violations were found.

Since we have no low performers this week, it's an opportunity to bring you a few horror stories from the health inspectors' vault. They come from surprise inspections and, sometimes, customers bring their stomach turners straight to the health department. If you're squeamish... beware!

Health inspector, Wayne Gellido recalls one complaint. He says, "The complainant was mentioning he found a maggot in the sausage. He noticed it in the last few bites."

Inspector, Jodie Heilman says, "This lady came to our office and she looked like she felt bad. She sat down and said she needed to see an inspector and she rolled open this burrito. She had ordered barbacoa, that's where they boil cheap meat. She opens up the burrito and she had probably had two or three bites and there was a tooth and this lady she was so sick. She had bit into the tooth and realized it was something hard and spit it back out, but there was nothing to make her sick and what happened was when they boiled the head, sometimes a tooth could come out and they just missed it."

Environmental Health Manager, Bridget Faulkenberry recalls a horror story of her own saying, "While we were waiting for some other inspectors, another inspector backed up against the bulletin board they had in their kitchen and roaches by the millions just started dropping out of that bulletin board. So, we knew they were all over the restaurant."

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