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The Bar-B Fork: Does It Work?

Take the guess work out of grilling. This unique fork called the Bar-B Fork is supposed to give you food temps in a matter of seconds. This $20 product apparently will keep you from over cooking your food on the grill, but Does It Work?

Kendrick Turner-Green is the General Manager at Bubba's Texas Restaurant. In the food business, Green says checking temps are very important. "We use this thermometer. It's a self explanatory thermometer from Lubbock Restaurant Supply. It lets you know if the food is rare, medium, medium well, or well," said Green. Green has never seen the Bar-B Fork before, "I think it's worth a try. It looks neat," he says.

Green put an 8oz ribeye on the grill and took it's temp with he trusty thermometer so we will have something to compare it to. "It's stopping at 150 degrees," Green says.

Green tried the Bar-B Fork. All you do is push the button for five seconds and it will give you a reading. "That's reading at 133 degrees," noticed Green.

Two different readings. Well, at least we knew the Bar-B Fork was telling us the steak was well done. Green doubled checked that reading by cutting into the steak. However, the steak was a little pink in the middle, making it medium well, according to Green. Looks like the Bar-B Fork failed its first test.

All right, I was not satisfied just yet. How about poking the Bar-B Fork into some chicken? First, the old thermometer. "Right now it's at 160 degrees," Green read. When we used the fork on the chicken it would shut off before we could get a good reading. Again, the fork was reading a different temp. "That says 116 degrees," said Green about the Bar-B Fork.

Green says the Bar-B Fork did not provide him with enough accuracy to soley depend on it for food temps. In fact, he says he wouldn't buy it because it doesn't work.

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