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Retailers roll out big bargains for post-Christmas shoppers


Christmas may be over, but the holiday shopping is still in full force with bargain hunters on the prowl in Lubbock stores for the hottest holiday sales of the season.

Target was fully staffed on Wednesday to open early in preparation for the post-Christmas shoppers. "The weather caused it to be slow this morning, but now we're seeing a lot of people coming in to start shopping and redeeming their gift cards and looking for some good deals," Target store manager DeeDee Davis said.

Davis says December 26th is always a busy shopping day as people spend their Christmas cash and make returns to buy something more their style. "If you go back to electronics we are extremely busy there. That's where you see a lot of the gift card redemptions with the gift cards," she said.

While you can catch sales anywhere from 30 to 75% off throughout the mall and other stores for clothes, electronics and toys, Davis says the big seller is the Christmas gear shoppers stock up on for next year.

"We found some Christmas trees, lights and other stuff. We've already got some of the decorations for next year," shopper Doug Simms said. "Only 364 days until Christmas! These really are big deals, and big steals with 50% off."

These big savings will continue throughout the rest of the year as more shoppers are expected to hit the stores to use gift cards and make returns.

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