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Littlefield girl gets flock of llamas for Christmas

Rebecca Burt with Dalai Lama, Tony Llama, Obama Llama, and Tina. (Source: Facebook) Rebecca Burt with Dalai Lama, Tony Llama, Obama Llama, and Tina. (Source: Facebook)

What's the perfect Christmas present for a 16-year-old girl? New clothes? A new car? 

Nope, says Rebecca Burt from Littlefield. It's got to be a flock of llamas.

Her parents say her obsession with llamas isn't new. Her mom, Connie, says she always knew Rebecca wanted a llama because she's loved them for years.

"She had books about them and pictures of them, so we knew she wanted a llama," Connie said.

Rebecca says her favorite book growing up was "Llama, Llama Red Pajama" by Anna Dewdney. Her favorite movie is "Napoleon Dynamite" because Napoleon has a pet llama named Tina. Rebecca even has a Pinterest board dedicated to llamas titled, "I wanna Llama."  She says now she can change it to, "I have a Llama!"

"I just couldn't believe I'd gotten llamas. I mean that's crazy. Who thinks they're gonna get llamas for Christmas?" Rebecca said.

Out of a flock of 19, her mom told her she could pick four.

She named them Dalai Lama, Tony Llama, Obama Llama and Tina.

So what exactly do you do with pet llamas?

"I'm just gonna play with them! But I've been looking and a lot of people can train their llamas to do things," said Rebecca.

She has some cool ideas in mind already. She might teach them how to play soccer, or to paint or to throw away trash, she says.

"How crazy would it be if I showed up to our county stock show with a llama?  A lot of crazy looks I'd get, I'm sure," she said.

Connie says they did not actually go on a hunt searching for some llamas.  A friend told her about someone in New Mexico trying to get rid of his.

"We actually heard about these llamas that needed a home from New Mexico where they were having a drought. They were over-populated there and they were looking for homes for llamas, so that's how we came to look into it further and that's how they got here," she says.

Her parents had been planning the surprise since November. Connie said it was very hard to keep it a secret because they have 12 kids.

"I'm very excited! It's definitely the best Christmas gift a girl could get," said Rebecca.

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