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Suspected burglar caught hiding under bed

Late Wednesday night Sam Lanham and his wife heard a crashing noise inside the house from their bedroom. As he walked out of his room Sam noticed the back door window had been broken and the door had been unlocked. He yelled to his wife to call the police. He says what happened next was filled with adrenaline and pure shock.

"I grabbed one of my walking sticks to have a little something in my hand in case I needed to push somebody or knock ‘em on the head," Sam said. "When I got into the living room there was another window busted out but I couldn't see anybody. I thought well maybe I just imagined it."

Five minutes later a police officer arrived at their home in the 2000 block of 16th Street to take down the information. "He said can I do anything else, and I said lets walk through the house," Sam said. Room by room Sam and the officer checked the house.

"As I was going to look under the bed someone came scooting out from under the bed saying I'm under here," Sam said. "All I had to do was say to the officer here he is, and that solved the problem."

Police identified the culprit as 39-year-old Eugene Goldsmith. As the officer searched him, they found jewelry on Goldsmith but it didn't belong to anyone in Sam's home. Right about that time police got another call about a burglary just two doors down.

Police say the jewelry found on Goldsmith belonged to the owners of that home.

Goldsmith was arrested and is now charged with two counts of burglary of a habitation.

Sam says he's happy the situation didn't escalate any further. "We feel very fortunate that clearly he was simply a burglar. I guess if he would have had some other intent… well we were just glad the police were on their way," Sam said.

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