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Top 5 New Year's resolutions for 2013


Only three days left before we roll in another year, and you know what that means - everyone is making New Year's resolutions.

Time Magazine has rated the top New Year's resolution picks for 2013.

About half of all American adults say they will make a New Year's resolution.

The top choice for 2013 is no surprise.

1.)    To lose weight.

We talked to a local gym manager who says she has already seen a boost in new gym memberships this month. 

"We've definitely seen an increase in these last few weeks," said Megan Staunton, General Manager of Planet Fitness.

"We're getting ready for January. That's when the trend is really going to spike for us," she said.

However, Staunton said not a lot of people will follow through on them.

"I would say maybe a good at least fourth of them do. But we will see a little decrease come April and March," she said.

She says they will probably increase by at least a thousand members for the new year.

Rolling in as a close second:

2.)    To get more organized. 

WebMD offers some tips on how to do that.

Financial goals come in at number three.

3.)    To spend less and save more.

Number four on the list is a regularly repeated resolution.

4.)    To hit the gym and get fit.

Personal trainer Ashley Stevens says people are busy, but it is important to make time to work out.  

"Getting three to five days in the gym is perfect," Stevens said.

"A minimum of 30 minutes in the gym is great, even if you have an hour to 45 minutes to devote during your day," she said.

Falling behind to the number five spot is…

5.)    To quit smoking.

Contrary to what many think, CNN reports 40 to 46-percent of New Year's resolvers will be successful with their resolutions after six months.

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