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Gebo's loses rifles, ammunition in Christmas Eve theft


Although Christmas decorations adorn the exteriors of the store's walls, offering a welcoming environment for all who stop by, it was not a very Merry Christmas for the store managers at Gebo's this year.

Gebo's, located at 215 50th Street, is a farm and ranch supply store that also sells hunting gear.  

Almost an hour before Christmas Day, the managers got a phone call saying the store got broken into. 

Two people dressed in coats and gloves and hidden behind ski masks stole four rifles and boxes of ammunition. 

The surveillance cameras caught it all, but it did not help much. There were no fingerprints and no faces.

Assistant Store Manager James Putman, who refused to do an interview, says the people who broke in knew exactly what they were looking for.

After shattering the glass to one of the front doors, one person walked directly to the gun case where a stack of 30 rifles were locked up.  The other suspect headed straight for the ammunition.   

Putman says it did not take long for the intruders to get what they wanted. They were in and they were out.

He says after he received the call, he and his manager were there in a matter of minutes.  That is all it took for them to grab and go.

One 22-250, three 17 HMR's, and a few boxes of ammunition were missing…nothing else.

Putman says these are not semi-automatic guns, they are bolt-action riffles, meaning the user loads one bullet at a time.

The suspects stole a little more than $1,300 dollars' worth of merchandise, Putman says.  

He says this is the first time something like this has happened at their store.

Police are still investigating, but as far as Putman knows, there are no leads on any suspects.

If you have any information, call Crime Line at 741-1000.

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