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Accident Brings to Light Need for Four -Way Stop in Neighborhood

The yellow lights were flashing, but clearly not working. "That intersection is bad," said Kelly Mitchell, referring to Slide and FM 41. He was at work when Aerocare landed in front of his house. "My wife called and said, 'Come home, someone's crashed into the house," he said.

Approximately 1:30, one red pickup headed north, another one south. An attempt to turn ends in disaster. The sound was violent. "Like a plane crash," said Christy Mitchell. She was on the porch with her 1-year-old daughter when one of the pickups crashed into her house. "If someone had been sitting here they'd be in front of the truck," said Mitchell.

The occupant of the truck that crashed into the Mitchell's house was a 52 year-old man. He was taken by ambulance to UMC. The other truck? Resting in the opposite direction. The shock waves crumpling the cab. That driver was taken by Aerocare to Covenant. His teenage passenger transported to the hospital by ambulance.

The Mitchell's are angry that their previous calls for a four-way stop have gone unheeded. "How many people have to die, how many times does my house have to get wrecked before they put a stop there?" asked Mitchell.

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