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Local Republicans Rally for Bush/Cheney

The tractor at the Mandry's ranch was decked out in red, white, and W. It was on t-shirts and signs, caps, even biceps. What's on your sleeve? "That's a W for George W. Bush for President," said Amy Mandry Cox, hostess for one of 7,000 Bush/Cheney rally's across America Thursday night. "We even have Laura Bush cookies," she said.

Cookies, cakes, and a very special icing. "We're waiting to hear Mrs. Bush speak," said Hattie Harringer. Yes, a phone call from the First Lady. But business before pleasure. How's the crowd feel about Kerry/Edwards? "They're Democrats, I don't support Democrats, I'm a Republican, said Robert Pratt, Chairman of the Lubbock County Republican Party.

And will the war in Iraq ultimately hurt the president? "I think if people look at what we're doing in the long run, they'll see we're doing the right thing," said Lubbock County District Attorney Bill Sowder.

Finally the First Lady. "With George you know what you get, he's a man of his word," she said via speaker phone.

Republicans rallying for the president. Wrangling voters with whatever it takes. "These are Laura Bush's cookies," said Mandry Cox. "Hhmmm, good for the campaign!," said a NewsChannel 11 reporter (unbiasedly!).

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