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Researchers try to determine when to give up the keys when having memory problems

Studies have shown that as we get older, our driving abilities decline.  If someone also has a memory issue, that can be a road map to trouble.  But look at what the National Institutes of Health is doing to find out if older drivers with memory loss should be allowed behind the wheel.  Government researchers have enrolled more than a hundred people…some healthy, and others with mild memory problems. They all have to pass a 45 minute road test and another one in their own car with four mounted cameras.

Researcher Dr. Brian Ott said, "When we looked at them in their home driving over the course of a couple weeks, we saw events that really made us uncomfortable in terms of their driving safety and recommended they stop driving."

But overall, Dr. Ott says it appears an initial diagnosis of Alzheimer's doesn't mean that person must stop driving.  The research will continue for much of this year to help determine when someone with memory loss should give up the keys.

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