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Victim of Lubbock carjacking speaks out

Beth Turner Beth Turner

Police released dash cam video of Wednesday's carjacking that began at an ice stand at 34th and Quaker and ended with police arresting the 14-year-old car thief.

The video begins at the Sonic on 50th and Slide and shows a wild chase heading North on Slide as the teenage driver runs red lights, swerves between lanes and eventually comes to a stop near the city bank parkway where he was eventually captured.

For the victim of that carjacking, 71-year-old Beth Turner, it was a scary few minutes.

"I was going to get some water and I pulled into the front of the little station where you get it and when I pulled up this young kid walked past my car and I thought what is he looking in my car for," she said. "He walked away up towards the buildings and walked completely away so I didn't think anything more about it. Then he started towards me and jumped in my car."

Turner was never more than 8 feet from her car and grabbed onto the door as the teenager jumped into the driver seat and started to drive away. She was pushed back as he took off, hitting the back of her head on the cement, and screaming for help as the teen pulled away with her car, purse and groceries in the back.

"People came out and dialed 911 so by the time he left with my car police had already been called and were on their way.  I felt very lucky because the way it happened he could've hit me with the car. I have a nasty bump on my head and it's better and my knees a little stiff today but I feel like I was fortunate," said Beth.

She added that you never realize how vulnerable you are until an event like this happens and she will always remember to take precautions from now on.

"I will never again get out of my car unless the keys are in my pocket," she said. "I would also say always go with your instincts and just because someone looks very young don't think that there can't be some dangers there."

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